The Nebulous Expression

Space Dragon is regarded by most throughout the known universe to be the magnum opus of creation. From the Eagle Nebula to the outer limits, the Dragon From Space is widely known for having reached the apex of being. With intergalactic trillness streaming through his whole style, The Space God Dragon King produces his own beats, writes, records, raps, edits, and mixes his own music and directs, shoots, edits, animates, and produces his own videos.

Some say he shines with the brilliance of a billion suns. Others say he is making this website and writing his own biography. One thing is for sure; he is definitely here to build space stations.

The dragon from space is known systematically on Spaceship Earth as Richard Modad, a creature who climbs trees and befriends miniaturized lions in Metro Detroit, MI.


The Dragon Through Hyperspace

Stardust don't describe the existence of my tribe.

Space Dragon


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